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Get Free webmail with your.name@softz-list.org

Free email package includes:

- Generous 1 GB storage
- Advanced Web 2.0 email Web Mail Interface
- Personal calendar and address book
- Inbox folders and message filing just like Outlook
- No reading of email for ad targeting
- Spam and virus filtering
- Service options include registered email and online storage
- 25MB file attachments
  and more!




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Rules on the use of email services that I provide simple, ie DO NOT USE THE EMAIL TO SEND SPAM. Sending spam email for example you send email messages to many email addresses of others that other people do not you know. An email message may contain advertising, invite, refferal, mlm, services and so on. If you do send an email SPAM act, with a heavy heart your email account and I will remove Internet services provider you are using can not access this website and for all, with a sense of the word you use isp will kick me from this website forever.



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