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Welcome to the best free email service in Indonesia :D . On this site provides a free email service with 2 e-mail domain is interesting, cool and funny. Each email domain that has the facilities and advantages. In using a free email service that I provide the rules simple, that is not in use to send spam email.

Any form of activity will be undertaken by users of free email service that I provide, as a provider of free email service, I am not responsible for what what was done by the users of this email service. And if there are users who use a free email service that I provide acts injurious to others, then the email address I will suspend, in the sense of the word e-mail address can not be in use again. If you feel aggrieved or know of a free email users who do disservice I provide, please contact me. So I will close this email address.

Please select e-mail domain name you want :)

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The best webmail , pop3 , IMAP @motogp.web.id power by yandex

Today is the 9th of november 2012, I as the owner of the domain crypton97.us reactivate free email service with a name domain @motogp.web.id . This domain is the domain of the state of my country Indonesia. Formerly a free email service for hosting gawab . Since gawab service was over, I decided to use other email hosting. This time I use email hosting from yandex.

Free email with domain name @motogp.web.id can be accessed using webmail, POP3 or IMAP. For those of you who want to get free email your-name@motogp.web.id , please click www.motogp.web.id


Tri Wahyudi S.Kom
The best webmail @softz-list.org power by everyone.net
NewsToday I re-activate the old domain that is www.softz-list.org. With in this domain enable the free email service that I provide to increase. Email@softz-list.org use email hosting services from everyone.net. With an attractive range of facilities within it. Among its facilities are:

* Generous 1 GB storage
* Advanced Web 2.0 email Web Mail Interface
* Personal calendar and address book
* Inbox folders and message filing just like Outlook
* No reading of email for ad targeting
* Spam and virus filtering
* Service options include registered email and online storage
* 25MB file attachments

For those of you who want to get free email with email address your-name@softz-list.org please sign up here

Rules on the use of email services that I provide simple, ie DO NOT USE THE EMAIL TO SEND SPAM. Sending spam email for example you send email messages to many email addresses of others that other people do not you know. An email message may contain advertising, invite, refferal, mlm, services and so on. If you do send an email SPAM act, with a heavy heart your email account I will remove or i freeze.



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