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Articles: Artikel Blog crypton97 terjemahan bahasa inggris
FolderDefence Free - Free Application security files / folders with 4 methods of protection
I've given an explanation or review of software useful software to protect files or folders files folders with various types of protection. This time I will discuss again the software or software that has the purpose to protect the files or folders on your hard disk with 4 kinds of methods of protection. Nama software yang akan saya bahas kali ini dengan nama FolderDefence Free. Name of software that I will discuss this with the name FolderDefence Free.

Free Hide IP - the best free software hidden original IP address
The word "free" is one word that most liked by the people in Indonesia, especially in connection with the world of information technology such as Internet and software: D. . For you who do like the free for free, in an article which I will write this time associated with software freeware aka lisensi free. Software that I will discuss once the software is called Free Hide IP. The name of the software can already guess what the function or usefulness of such software.

Free Nero 9 version - free application from Nero cd & dvd burner
I think everyone who has a media burner cd or dvd, whether it be media burner optical drive witer cd, dvd writer, dvd combo, have to know that burning software called Nero. Nero Software iyaa ... always available in the sales package driver burning optical media. Software and nero is boxed in on the media and on the cd cover pembungkusnya there is a serial number that is needed to nero software can install on your computer that was installed burning optical drive. And licensing of software nero in included in the sales package, such as optical drive burning cd writer, dvd writer or dvd combo, is the software is OEM, which means that Nero software is only allowed in the install on a computer that has installed the hardware media burning optical drive paketannya. Can not be installed on more than one computer and other burning optical drive, Nero, and only allowed just ODD.

Free Password Manager - Software aids super full and free collection of essential information storage
At the beginning of the internet you know you have certain things done in like the first time is to create a new email or electronic mail Indonesian language. Having a personal email is a must in everyone who has access to the Internet. Because email is a medium of information that can be sent or received quickly dengat information. And not just a means of sending information or receiving information from others but also if you register on certain sites to become a member, at the time of filling out a membership form is certainly full of the requested key is personal email address.

WatermarkLib - free protector application file photo & picture
If you search for image files on the internet, not all image files, or images that you get the picture in the whole net of any posts or sentence that says the image is owned by a person or property of the creator. How to add a sentence or word in a file image files or image files is how much protection the most in use by people in order to protect the image rights to ownership. So that other people can not easily claim that the images belong to himself when he does not belong: D. The way used to be able to add the text in a word or image file is usually the person named Watermark term, namely to add a written or a picture with the additional appearance above the surface of the image are shaded.
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