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Free Password Manager - Software aids super full and free collection of essential information storage
If you do not have or do not have the funds to order a paid emails, you can find the solution site site site provides a free email service. I as the owner of this blog crypton97 also provides free email service, one email address can be found your.name@motogp.web.id and you can get a free email service that I provide through Here.

Once you find and get a free email service you want, of course, if you want to check incoming email messages into your email inbox can check in the webmail. Webmail you can access or visit on the site where you register your email address was created. Each time you want to check your email is required to be in the username and password to enter.

As a human being must not be separated from the nature of his forgetfulness or forgetting. What if you forget your password you have email, of course not always easy to get the password that you forgot. Sometimes difficult and sometimes easy to get back the password email. Depending on the password reminder facility owned emails each site a free email service providers.

As the proverb says ready umbrella before the rain, from this maxim should you have to anticipate in advance when to create or have created an email by making a backup of data in the form of a username and password information email address. Data backup is useful for future semisalkan if you want to check email but you will not forget your email password then the backup can take and know your email password that you've forgotten earlier.

To make a backup of data information from the username and password which your email could have made a note in the form of files, can use word processing software such as word, or a text editor program also Notepad or WordPad.

JIf you want to make a backup of data sets password information from the email account you have to use special software was created to accommodate collection of data information is important data about the email account you have to use software that I recommend. I can recommend a software called Free Password Manager.

So you do not have to pay for the software to use. Software is not a trial or shareware or demo that certainly full version freeware :D.

Free password manager software has a capacity of about 1Mb installer files of course. And this software can be installed on Windows 98/Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7. Free software utility password can not only store information about the data is important data about the email account you have, but you also can store other important information for instance you want to store this information along with the identity of a friend of a friend or relation that you have.

Also also Free password manager software can also store important information credit card. If you have a credit card and you want to store credit card information mengenati your property into a free password manager software can be done.

If you have software or a licensed games paid games, sometimes to install into the computer in need of name username, password or serial number of games or paid software.

And the information that you can enter into Free Password Manager software in addition to the three above is to make a small note and enter the address of your favorite websites you frequently visit on the Internet.

If you want to create a new database you can click the Database menu, and select Create New, you can see an example image below

To assign a password you must enter at least 8 characters can be a combination of letters, numbers or special characters. If you have finished entering the database name, password and information about the database you can just press OK. And you save. You're ready to enter information any information you want to enter into the database that you created earlier.

Free Password Manager software is very useful to me once when you have lots of data important data such as address list friends or relations, the list of accounts on your site follow these sites or credit card information you may have. So wait let alone, if you wanted to try software Free Password Manager please visit the website below.

Click Here

You should know the data is data stored in the database that you created and you enter into it and have been given a password, which you enter information that would have been safe because of enkripasi with 256-bit algorithm.
If you have difficulty in using Free Password Manager software is also available the instructions in the form of a file. Pdf.

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